A big shock!


This morning I got a big shock when I took my baby to the Shenzhen Bay Custom!
It rained today, so I could not ride the bicycle as normal, and had to by taxi. There were always crowded at that time, so when we arrived at the joint point, her class had left. I walked to the student's channel and found they just past the checking station, so I let Alice pass the student's channel by herself, and we would meet each other on the other side of the checking station.

I stood behind a queue, but found the passing speed was too slow, and it seemed that someone had trouble with his fingerprint identification, so he was blocked. I had to switch to another queue, but when I passed the checking station, I could not find my daughter. I looked around to find her but failed, and there were too many pupils passing the custom, so I became nervous soon. I called my wife and asked her to come to the checkpoint, at the same time I run to the Hongkong side.

Along the road, I checked the girls when I was passing them. I felt my heart would almost burst, and lost my mind practically.

I obliged myself to make a plan:

  1. I would continue to run to the end of the hall
  2. If I did not find Alice, I would inform this situation to the custom officers and asked them to announce that Alice should come to one location.
  3. I would search all places in the Hongkong side
  4. When my wife arrived, she would searched the Shenzhen side.

I was lucky that just before the exit of the hall, I found she was talking with her classmates loudly and laughing excitingly. I wanted to blame her severely, but I was afraid such action would scare her, so I just told her that she could never do such behavior again, and got her promise.

I told the good news to my wife when my daughter disappeared in my eyes.

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