Big ambition — want to translate the famous ‘Oracle Core’

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To accelerate my reading speed, I bought a translated book of 'Oracle Core - Essential Internals for DBAs and Developers', while I found many times I had to read the original English version to know something clear.

I did hate this feeling as from my opinion the translated book should be a perfect one to match the value of this book, but in fact absolutely not.

I know most technical guys do not master the English, and they should have striven to provide the best quality they could, while I have to say, for this book, the translated book is not good enough.

These days I am reading materials about the Oracle memory management, including this book, so I have a big ambition now: Why not translate this boot by myself? It should be a hard task but I do not have any pressure, I just need to record what I get from this book, and publish it in this website. No time limit, what I care is the quality, right?

From the translated book, another thing I have learned is that if there are more than one author, then someone should review the whole boot to get a uniform style and maintain the consist quality from the beginning to the end.

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