Connection issue with Netgear Smart Connect

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In the previous days my new phone arrived and I found it could not access to my WIFI. It was very weird and I did not get any error message or prompt. When I input the SSID and the password then pressed 'OK' button, I got nothing.

I found a temporary workaround was to unhide the SSID, while for security reason I preferred to hide it. Suddenly I recalled this issue maybe was about one Netgear feature called Smart Connect. When I enable it, the two 5G SSID will become one and the Netgear router will distribute the connected devices between the two 5G channel automatically. It is interesting and useful when there are not much wireless devices, while long long time ago when I tested this feature the first time, I found sometimes new device would not access to it when there were many connected devices already, maybe 7 to 10.

So I disabled this feature and assigned different SSID to different devices and reboot it, then everything worked well again.

In the past my iPad would lost its connection and I had to switch off and enable the WIFI again to connect the router, sometimes even I had to input the SSID and password again, now this issue also disappeared.

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