Diet diary: not an easy thing


This is the fourth day that I began to lose weight, and it turned out to be not an easy thing. When I felt hungry, almost anything could be eaten, and I wanted to eat all the things in my eyes. The adviser said the only thing I could eat was the Herbalife healthy meal, except the lunch.

This afternoon my previous colleague invited us to have dinner together, although I could not eat anything, I still decided to attend the team meal. I talked with them happily, and told them I was keeping fit so when they had the delicious, I just sit besides the table. I almost could not bear to eat the out of this world food, but I resisted the temptation eventually. I asked the waiter to fetch a bottle of water to me, then mixed the powder in the water and drank it. Oh, I felt not much hungry.

At that time, I got a call from my wife, and was told she and daughter would have dinner with me, and I'd better arrive at the One City before 8:30PM. As my wife did not agree with my diet, so I had to eat something, in other words, I had one bowel of noodle, two fried chops and several dumplings...

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