Diet diary: The first

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Today I decided to lose weight. I have begun the brisk walk over half month, while I have to admit the effect is not satisfying, even my weight increased a few.

Today I got some advice from a coach in a nutrition club, and I know the most difficult part is developing healthy eating habit. I have to give something up, like the milk tea, the coffee and other delicious foods. I need not to leave these things away for ever, but at least, for three to six months.

At the beginning, I thought I could do it, but the fact was that I was a frugal man, so I almost could not tolerate any waste of food, which caused I eaten too much food tonight, such as roast pork, fried rice, ice-cream and some bread, even with half cup of milk tea. Diet diary: The first

My wife insists losing weight is a hard thing, and practically I could not achieve my goal: 70KG in the end of this year. Even I failed today, but I still hold the opinion that I could realize the goal.

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