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I bought a NETGEAR EX6200 about one month ago, while have to say the experience was terrible when I setup it the first time.

It provided me wonderful performance when I bridged it to another router, but it was not stable and the connection would be dropped daily even hourly. I could connect to it, and it could not connect to the extended router.

I tried many things while all failed finally, so I had no other choice but to replace it with the original wrt310n.

I found such issue happened on many EX6200, so I thought this product had some design issue and almost could not be fixed by firmware.

When I get some tough problems and I could not resolve them soon, I will just let them go ... for some time, then I will check them again and mostly I will get new ideas and fix them.

Similar thing happened again.

Last Saturday I reviewed this issue and found some of cases were fixed by enable 'FastLane' feature of the EX6200, so I restored the latest firmware on it and configured it again with 'FastLane' enabled.

Woo! I could not believe it worked already three days continually without any issue!

It should be better, but now at least it works well and provides double download speed to me, so I just hope it could work for a long long time.

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