Fix DMX 6Fire USB sound issue after windows update

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To keep my system security, I usually let the system install the latest updates automatically, but this time I got an issue just after such update.

I installed the update on Oct 5 and the build number was upgraded to 17134. While today I found my DMX 6Fire USB device did not work any more. I reinstalled the device driver with no luck, and also tried to let the windows system fix this issue automatically but still failed. Every time I restarted the system to make sure the system could be in a clean state. From the Device Manager it seemed all the devices worked well but I could not get any sound from the DMX device.

As my last try I uninstalled all the device drivers related with the DMX 6Fire USB device shown in the attached screen shot:Fix DMX 6Fire USB sound issue after windows update

I could not believe the issue was resolved and I heard wonderful music from my headphone again. I rebooted the system and it still worked so I confirmed this surprising issue did be fixed.

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