Fix Office print issue with HP printer 6960

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This issue had been existing for a long long time, and I had no idea about the reason. I just knew I could not print document in the Microsoft Office applications, so many times I had to save the doc to pdf files to print them.

A little funny, right?

I thought maybe it was an issue about my Word 2010 so I upgraded the Office to 2016, and today I tried to print some files again but also failed. This time I learned there should be other reasons and I found this page:

Can only print with Admin privileges

I run it as administrator and it worked well, so I had the similar issue. One guy mentioned permissions of the %TEMP% folder, and occasionally I found I did move the TEMP folder to other drive to free space. I checked the permissions and found the login username was not listed explicitly, so I added my own username and printed some files again.

Wow! It worked like a charm. Fix Office print issue with HP printer 6960

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