Installed Mediawiki last night

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Last month I got the current job working as a warehouse assistance, and from that time I almost could not keep studying as I felt too tired when I got home and the only thing I wanted to do was sleeping.

While I still need to find an IT job, and I love to resolve problems so I force myself to write something weekly. Also I will manage to back to normal state in next week, so I can continue to learn new knowledge of Linux and Cloud.

At the same time, I will update my website little by little, so I installed Mediawiki last night as I want to record some details about Oracle database. In fact I should do this step much early, while I thought late is better than never.

Currently it is very hard for me and my family, and many many times I wanted to give up but I still was here.

I tell myself I should become stronger as it becomes harder, and now I am following my words.

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