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I can't remember how many times such things happened on me.

When I learn Linux, I had a textbook to record some key notes, while one day I could not find it anymore; The second thing occurred when I was in Nanjing, and at that time I lost my database data; Maybe this was the third time, this time I lost all the data in the www.neilzhang.com website, which is the predecessor of www.LunixDB.com.

When I built the www.neilzhang.com, I rent a VPS from aoyouhost, and in last week, I wanted to renew my contract, to extend six months. I had extended the contract at least two times, so I thought it's an easy thing. When I tried to extend it, I found I had to extend it by month, not half-year, which was not a big issue, while the price was totally wrong. I rent the VPS with 240RMB/6months in the past, but this time the price was 18149RMB/month! There must be something wrong, so I would not pay it as that price. I knew the system would renew my contract automatically if I deposited enough money in my account, so I transferred 240RMB to my account, then I thought I had done all the things and I would continue to use my VPS just like the past.

While I did know terrible thing would happen soon!

I got a message on last Saturday said that my contract became expired, I was surprised so I submitted a ticket to the custom service system to explain the problem happened on me, and went out for lunch.

Soon I got another message said my contract was expired on 2014-6-6! What happened? I had to eat fast and went home to check my ticket status, and I was shocked by the update information:
1. One support set my expired day to 2014-6-6 wrongly
2. My VPS was deleted totally, and they could not restore the data


I didn't predict incident so all my backup were placed on the local disk, and now I was told the VPS could not be restored!

I have great concerns about this incident:
1. I did not get any update about the new changed contract
2. Because the new contract, I could not renew the old contract by myself, while still not be informed
3. The VPS was deleted, but they could not restore it!
4. All my data was lost, and the cost was just 120RMB!

Leave away from the aoyouhost Leave away from the aoyouhost

At that time I decided to leave aoyouhost ASAP, as in my view it is completely irresponsible company!

From this lesson, I know I must keep another backup by myself, while I have to say the cost is too expensive!


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