If you don't know what you real need is, you'll lost.
I want to upgrade my phone to new model, while do not know which type I should buy. Usually I'll select the cheapest one, but this time I can not do the same thing anymore.
My phone is iPhone4S, and I feel the performance is slow after I upgraded the iOS to 8.1, and more uncomfortable is that it can only run in 3G mobile network. My phone is China Telecom phone, while means if I want to use a newer model to support China Telecom 4G, then I'll have to use iPhone6 or iPhone6 Plus.
I used a phone with 4.8 inch screen, and when I read PDF file, I would have to move the page left and right frequently, so at that time I hoped to get a phone with 5 inch screen. So for new iPhone6&6 Plus, one is a little smaller, and another one is a litter bigger. Lost
I compared both of them:
6 plus has bigger screen with more attractive PDF reading experience, and more strong battery usage time, and more weight. I believe I'll have to wear a bag to carry it.
6 is more portable and lighter, with better single-hand operation experience, but I'll have to move page again when I read PDF file.
Of course, the price is different, but it's not a critical element.

I hope I can have enough money, so buy both of them, then carry anyone of them, and leave another one home.
Or use one, and put another one under the desk leg. Lost

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