Print spooler failed to start with error 0x800706b9

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Could not believe it took me more than 3 hours to just install a printer!

Just now helped one relative to install HP printer on Sureface and always failed. At the beginning the driver could not be installed, so I removed all the 360 Security Guard files and the driver could be installed but when I connected to the WIFI printer, I would always got an error and failed.

I found someone mentioned sometimes restarting of the 'print spooler' service could fix this issue so I tried to restart it and always got the error 0x800706b9.

I googled and got below possible workarounds:

Step 1: Check Print Spooler:
    Open your Start screen by selecting the Windows button on the bottom left hand side of your computer screen or by selecting the Windows key on the bottom left of your keyboard, to the right of the Ctrl button
    In the Start screen type Run
    Click on Run to launch the Run dialogue box
    In the Run box type services.msc and select OK
    When the Services window opens scroll down until you see Print Spooler
    Click on Print Spooler once just to highlight it
    If you see Start in the top left hand corner than that indicates that  your Print Spooler is in fact Stopped (not good). But we will leave this for now.
    If you see Stop or Restart in the top left hand corner than this indicates that your Print Spooler is actually Started. Please click on Stop to temporarily Stop the service.
    Minimize this window as we will  need to come back here
Step 2: Check Spooler Folder:
    Reopen your Start screen
    Type Computer. Click on Computer (or This PC) when it populates as a result
    In the Computer window select your C Drive
    Click on Windows
    Click System32
    Click Spool
    Click PRINTERS. You may get a permissions warning, just Continue past this.
    The PRINTERS folder should be empty. If there is any files in here they are corrupted print jobs. Right click on anything in this folder and 'delete' the files.
    Close the PRINTERS folder
Step 3: Start Spooler and Check Dependencies:
1. Reopen the Services window we previously minimized
2. Click on Print Spooler again to highlight it
3. Click on Start in the top left corner
4. If you get an error message please take note of it
5. If the Print Spooler starts successfully you will see 'Stop and Restart' as your options in the top left
6. Next, double left click on Print Spooler. A Print Spooler Properties window will now open. Click on the Log On tab at the top. Can you please make sure this is set to Local System Account and make sure the box is checked to 'Allow Service to Interact with Desktop'.
7. Next, click on the 'Dependencies' tab. Please check what Dependencies are listed. 
Make sure just RPC service is there.
To remove others:
Type regedit in the Run box and hit Enter to open Registry Editor.
Confirm the UAC message by clicking the Yes button.
In the left pane of Registry Editor, expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to find the key below.
While the Spooler key is highlighted, navigate the right pane to allocate the value DependOnService.
Double click this String value to Modify the data within.
The value data field should contain the text saying RPCSS, followed by http in the next line.
Select and delete the letters http and click OK button to save your changes.
Leave the RPCSS part of the value data as it is written.
Close Windows registry and Restart your computer.

Oh, all of the above failed and I had to search more, and got this website:

windows无法启动print spooler服务 资源不足,无法完成该操作

I did my last try and run 'netsh winsock reset' then reboot the computer.

Oh, my God, I found the service was started successfully, then configured the printer and did some tests to confirm it worked well.

Hope next time you could fix such issue in several minutes. Print spooler failed to start with error 0x800706b9


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