ThinkPad E485 memory compatibility issue

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For a long time I used my old T420s laptop as primary device while it could only support 16G memory. So at the beginning of June, I bought a new laptop ThinkPad E485 which had 8 CPU cores and could support 32G memory.

Had to say when I touched it the first time I thought it was the right one I was seeking. While I did not know it also brought a long nightmare to me.

I brought 32G memory and 1T NVMe SSD HDD before I got the laptop, so I replaced the corresponding parts just after I activated the included Office software and installed the latest Windows 10 OS.

I hoped it would work well and satisfy all my needs. Yes it did and I just found sometimes I would get BSOD time to time when I cold booted the machine.

I upgraded all the drivers to the latest ones and reinstalled the OS to a lower version to get a more stable machine but failed.

If I leave it for a long time or halt it for more than 20 minutes, I will almost always get BSOD and have to restart it one or two times to enter the operating system. But after that it will work really well.

From June to August, I bought a new memory module to get the same brand, got a new ThinkPad NVMe HDD part and a new Intel Wireless card, reinstalled the OS more than two times, tested the memory with memtest86 for several hours but no error. Even I replaced a new motherboard but still got the BSOD.

As my last try, I bought two ThinkPad memory parts to replace the installed Crucial modules. In fact I already decided to just ignore the BSOD and endure such defect if I still could not fix it.

Wow! I could not believe the new memory parts saved me! Although they looked as the same and I only found a little difference from the SPD of them, but now the BSOD disappeared.

Attached the SPD of all the memory modules as below.ThinkPad E485 memory compatibility issue ThinkPad E485 memory compatibility issue ThinkPad E485 memory compatibility issue ThinkPad E485 memory compatibility issue


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