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These days I was in trouble with a very bad cough, and have to say I have not got such bad cough for several years. I almost can not stop coughing every several minutes, and what I want to do is sleeping, from morning to night.
Different doctors gave different medicines, but no one cure my cough, while luckily that I became better from this morning, and better more this afternoon. I hope I could return to work on next Monday, as there are many things I have to deal with.
Last day Alice joined a skating training course, but she was afraid she would be very hurt when she fallen down on the ice rink, so she stopped learning after 20 minutes. I tried to let her go back but failed, so had to take her home but told her that she could not give it up just because she was afraid of the hurt.
The same thing also applies me as I can not give the English test up just because I hate it.

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