Keep Alive Setting in Oracle DB Server and Client

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In our daily work, one popular question is how to keep our session alive, especially for Oracle session.

I know there is a parameter named sqlnet.expire_time in the sqlnet.ora for such function in the DB server side, but if I want to do similar configuration in the Oracle client, how?

I searched in the Oracle Support website, and found this request could be fulfilled  by following ways:

  1. Add enable=broken in the tnsnames.ora file
  2. Adjust the tcp_keepalive_interval value in the OS

Please note for the item 1, the option must be placed in the right location, this is to say, it must directly below the ' (DESCRIPTION =' entry as below:

         (ENABLE=BROKEN) ####<<< Place entry here to enable to TCP KeepAlive mechanism

For the item 2, different OS has different way to change it, and you have to find it by yourself.


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